What the Rotary Club of Whitby’s Gourmet Food Truck Festival means to Durham Region!

SATURDAY, May 25th & SUNDAY, May 26th, 2019

Did you know The Rotary Club of Whitby is totally a volunteer organization and that all monies raised by Rotary go back to helping those in need in Durham Region and beyond?

The way we do this is by raising money with events like the Whitby Food Truck Festival.

So when you attend our event, 100% of the $3.00 admission fee is returned to the community. When you buy that Cheeseburger, Poutine, Beavertail or tiny little donuts, you are not just buying food, you are also supporting the Charities of Durham Region and beyond.

This is the fifth year we have operated the Food Truck Frenzy and because of generous patrons like you that attend this great event, we have been able to give back over $600,000 to many Charities and service organizations. Specifically those aimed at improving the health, education and opportunities of youth, people with disabilities and seniors.

Enjoy the amazing food, the music and all of the fun activities that The Gourmet Food Truck Festival has to offer and know in your heart that you have helped your community. Thank you!

With your help we will continue to strive to make our community a better place to live.